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Seamless Service Migration

Hooroo, in the company’s short 5 year lifespan, has done a lot of growing. We’ve already got a “legacy” application, which is naturally our bread-and-butter, moneymaker app. We’ve also got services that support or utilise that legacy application, and they’re nice and separate and only interact via HTTP api and all such nice things. And finally we’ve got the quintessential new platform rebuild, from scratch with new decisions around architecture, domain design, etc. Along with all of this, we have three or four different infrastructure setups, generally tracking along with these other stages of application – and that is uncomfortable. Today we’ll be discussing moving one of our applications from an “old” infrastructure to our current infrastructure.

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Build Lights With Arduino

In the beginning of time (circa. 2013) We had a build light. It’s pretty common, USB attachable, multicoloured, etc. Seems pretty great, right? It was all that we needed for one application, one build.

Then we started building new applications. New applications meant new builds. These builds were originally disparate, running on their own jenkins instances in EC2. How was our one light going to handle the statuses of these different builds?

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